First Evaluation in Human Patients Completed for the C-MOR(TM) Orthopedic Device

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Axis Surgical TechnologiesInc., has announced the first evaluation in human patients of their lead product: a self-contained portable direct-imaging tool. The C-MOR™ functions much like a standard arthroscopic tower, yet at a fraction of both the size and cost. The handheld lightweight device offers practitioners the convenience of intra-articular visualization and complete operability in one hand. Axis Surgical’s goal is to enable smaller clinics, practices, and field trauma centers to have the direct imaging capabilities currently available in larger facilities.

On January 14th and 15th, 2010, the C-MOR™ was used by Cleveland-based orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alan Davis, as an adjunct to three arthroscopic procedures. The C-MOR™ captured intra-articular images and video during lateral meniscectomies performed on a 30 year-old female, and a 27 year-old male, and also during an ACL reconstruction and lateral meniscal repair performed on a 16 year-old female.

The C-MOR™ displays real-time in vivo images directly using an on-board LCD display, providing better utilization of the surgeon’s natural field of view and range of motion. Dr. Davis notes the ease-of-use of the C-MOR™, explaining “Single-handed operability leaves a free hand available” for performing other critical functions during the surgery. The intuitive design equips office-based physicians with novel imaging capabilities that will improve continuity of care. Additionally, the smaller scope enhances diagnostic capabilities. “Ability to get into areas with the smaller size probe is an advantage particularly for viewing the posterior aspects of lateral and medial menisci”, reports Dr. Davis. Axis Surgical CEO Fred Seddiqui remarks, “The C-MOR™ is a game-changer that will bring new referrals to in-office practitioners at a platform cost unrivaled by anything available in the market today.” He adds, “I am very proud that our team designed and developed this complex technology into a finished medical product to improve patient care with a significant cost benefit.”

About Axis Surgical Technologies, Inc.

Axis Surgical Technologies, located in Mountain View, CA, develops advanced orthopedic surgical tools. Axis has combined the world’s most advanced CMOS technology for life sciences and next generation catheter solutions to create novel distal chip imaging systems and therapeutic devices. “Our vision is to provide outstanding diagnostic and therapeutic efficacy through easy-to-use, cost-effective tools with advanced direct imaging technology,” states Axis Surgical CTO Jim Cybulski. “This cost-effective platform of surgical technology is an ideal fit for current economic trends impacting the health care industry,” comment Seddiqui.

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SOURCE Axis Surgical Technologies, Inc.

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