WebOps, Sivix Partner on Industry-Transforming Technology to Finally Solve Oldest Medical Logistics Challenge

ATLANTA, March 8, 2010 — In a move that definitively answers the biggest question challenging the medical device logistics industry, WebOps™, LLC ( and Sivix™  Corporation ( are combining two of the industry’s most successful technologies to launch a new tool that combines smartphone technology, portability, speed, multi-functional scanning with instantaneous data gathering, processing and access all in one, tiny portable device.

The new, revolutionary device – the WebOps Sivi™ – connects a fully-integrated scanner/reader for 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as passive and active RFID tags to the most popular smartphones on the market, And by joining it with WebOps Logistics™ (the industry leader in supply chain data management), the two companies solved the industry’s oldest, most persistent problem: how to track devices and instruments all the way to the operating room in real time and then provide instant access to that information in order to improve accuracy and accountability in the chain of custody from start to finish.

“We have an exciting vision of how medical device logistics will be transformed with the marriage of our two unique technologies,” said Amin J. Rahme, WebOps chief executive officer. “Every player throughout the entire device supply chain can have total access to information in real time, and we can now use RFID technology in the field without the need for fixed antennas. No more lost inventory, data delays or case snafus. It is a leap forward in medical device logistics and data management as never seen before.”

The WebOps Sivi™ pairs with a Blackberry, Palm, iPhone or Droid and the WebOps Logistics™ platform to become a powerful, multifunctional, highly portable and user-friendly scanner and reader (it performs 1-D and 2-D barcode scanning, and RFID reading). It transmits real-time data quickly and easily by accessing Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS and GPS technology.

The tiny, matchbox-sized device lets anyone who needs data – from the manufacturer all the way to the sales reps in the field – have it in real-time and have it constantly synchronizing all elements (e.g., sales, finance, warehouse, customer service) for maximum accuracy thanks to WebOps Logistics.

Each company came to the partnership with outstanding strengths. WebOps has the medical device logistics industry’s leading software solution, used over the last five years to successfully track and manage hundreds of thousands of surgeries. Sivix brings rugged, highly sophisticated scanning and data transmission hardware with its Sivi™ device.

“With the WebOps Sivi we can now tell everyone in the medical device supply chain that their inventory tracking and management infrastructure is as mobile as their assets,” said Rob Ufford, Sivix president. “We surpass other scanners and RFID readers on the market, which can cost more than $2,000 each. Ours is far less expensive, much smaller, more portable, packs in more functionality and is easy to use.”

Built by medical logistics experts for the unique field supply chain data and tracking needs of the medical device industry, the WebOps Logistics platform is a proven real-time, secure data management system. It manages the entire logistics cycle – from initial surgery planning to purchase order, replenishment and beyond. A web-based system, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to adopt. WebOps Logistics works with Blackberry, Palm, iPhone, Droid and Windows Mobile equipment.

The rugged Sivi handheld device from Sivix is the world’s smallest and lightest device (about the size of a car’s keychain remote) that combines RFID, barcode scanning, Bluetooth, GSM, GPRS and GPS capabilities. The Sivi functions are fully customized to each company’s unique needs:

  • It performs 1-D and 2-D barcode scanning and RFID reading and immediately transmits data directly by a cellular connection into WebOps Logistics or indirectly through a smartphone.
  • It speeds up product reading through the patent pending “TapTag™” system. Like the security locks that call for a simple tap of a coded identity card against a reader (rather than swiping), the Sivi only needs a quick pass near its RFID tags to record data rather than slowing down when scanning a barcode.

For additional information and to schedule a demonstration of the WebOps Sivi, contact Alex Kucera, VP of Sales, at WebOps – 404-467-2580 or

Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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  1. More lies from Web-oops! a company that gives new definition to exageration and outright lies about their product. Nothing in this press release is developed or demonstrable or can be integrated into the supply chain at this time. Fluff and BS.

  2. More lies from Web-oops! a company that gives new definition to exageration and outright lies about their product. Nothing in this press release is developed or demonstrable or can be integrated into the supply chain at this time. Fluff and BS.

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