New Case Study Reviews Fracture Reduction and Stabilization of a L1 Burst Fracture Using Combined Anterior and Posterior Approach

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., May 02, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — There are approximately 700,000 clinically diagnosed vertebral fractures each year. To successfully treat fractures of the vertebral column, absolute control above and below the fracture site is necessary. A new paper is available that presents the case for fracture reduction and stabilization of a L1 burst fracture using a combined anterior and posterior approach. The paper discusses the successful outcome of using the Aesculap Hydrolift(TM) Vertebral Body Replacement (VBR) System in tandem with the S(4(R))Fracture Reduction Instrumentation (FRI) System to correct the fracture or deformity.

Frank J. Coufal, MD, FACS, founder of La Jolla Neurosurgical Associates, presents a case in which, a trauma patient suffered an acute burst fracture of the thoracolumbar spine and required acute operative stabilization to avoid a progressive deformity and neurological deterioration. The treatment plan dictated a combined anterior and posterior operative procedure to correct the deformity associated with the burst fracture and then stabilize the fractured vertebrae on the anterior aspect of the spinal column. The combined anterior and posterior operations required two instrumentation procedures: Posterior stabilization using the S(4) FRI System and the expandable Hydrolift VBR to stabilize the anterior column.

The patient had complete neurologic function in his lower extremities following the surgery and went on to achieve a successful fusion with the spine restored to normal anatomic alignment. Sustained improvement of the presenting back pain was also reported. Dr. Coufal said, “The Hydrolift had a continuous expansion that was well controlled using hydrostatic pressure, and it did not limit us to incremental expansion-there by allowing us to achieve a tension to our distraction that was more physiologically appropriate. The FRI is very powerful instrumentation! It allowed us to precisely manipulate the spine and it optimized correction of deformity particularly in the trauma setting.”

The complete case study is available at www.aesculapimplantsystems.com/hydrolift .

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SOURCE: Aesculap Implant Systems, LLC

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