Should your ASC bundle? Dr. Randolph Bishop on navigating a spine program

Bundled payment programs are receiving a lot of buzz in the value-based arena, but developing a bundled product is no straightforward task.

Before surging ahead into a bundled payment program, ambulatory surgery centers should first decide whether its surgeons and facility can perform the desired service at a competitive market price. Consider whether the ASC has the ability to operate the business with the margin generated by government payers.

Once an ASC understands its capabilities, it can build a bundled spine surgery product by calculating an accurate facility cost combined with the surgeon payment.

“The goal would be for the facility and surgeon to assume the risk of the episode of care and therefore should cover all aspects of the surgery with the exception of indirect complications,” says Randolph Bishop, MD, MBA, a neurosurgeon at Neurological Institute of Savannah (Ga.).

Certain ASCs pose as superb candidates for bundled payment programs. Surgeon-owned centers and centers specializing in spine are especially groomed for bundled payments.



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