Innovative Product and Service Offering for the Future of Spinal Surgery To Be Introduced at NASS 2016

October 25, 2016 – ALLENDALE, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)

Ascential, an innovative implant and delivery solution for lower acuity spinal procedures in the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and hospital settings, will be introduced at the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting in Boston, Oct. 26-29, 2016 (booth No. 1511).

Ascential offers a portfolio of newly designed sterile-packaged implants, customized service levels, and a streamlined distribution model. The innovative Ascential solution is intended to provide operational efficiencies, competitive pricing, and reduced operating costs so that staff can spend less time managing logistics and more time and resources on patient care.

Ascential implants are manufactured by Stryker in accordance with the company’s stringent quality standards. Products available with Ascential include:

  • The ACP 1 Anterior Cervical Plating System, offering a simple backout prevention mechanism, high degree of screw angulation, and streamlined instrumentation.
  • The IBD PeekC Anterior Cervical Spacer System, featuring a chamfered leading edge, a large open graft window, and a collet-style inserter.
  • VBA Vitoss Foam Pack, the top-selling synthetic bone graft, a versatile material that is stable in a fluid environment, can soak and hold bone marrow, is compression-resistant, and can be mixed with local bone.

Ascential is enabled with optional end-to-end radio-frequency identification (RFID) inventory management using proprietary technology. As a result, it allows sales representatives and facility staff to easily monitor and manage inventory pre-, post- and intra-operatively to help reduce labor costs and ensure implant availability. The implants are also sterile-packaged to reduce the sterilization burden and chance of infection.1,2 All implant packaging is UDI (Unique Device Identification) compliant and includes patient labels to promote traceability.

Unlike conventional inventory management methods, which generally require sales representatives to drop off equipment a few days prior to surgery, then come back to attend the surgery, and take the instruments back for reprocessing post-surgery, Ascential enables instruments to remain with the customer to be processed and sterilized on a schedule that makes sense for each facility. Dedicated and optimized instrument sets with sterile-packaged implants help ensure availability, reduce case scheduling activities, and enable more flexible sterilization workflows.

This new inventory management program can be customized for each facility based on an analysis of the number of spine cases, surgical days, number of surgeons, and other variables and priorities. “Ambulatory surgery centers are often focused on improving logistics, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs,” said Orrin Levine, Senior Director, Business Solutions at Stryker. “The new Ascential solution positively impacts all three—once it’s up and running, processes for spinal fusion procedures can become even more simplified, repeatable, and scalable.”

About Ascential

Ascential is a new approach to spine healthcare that offers high-quality products with increased efficiency and profitability for hospitals and outpatient surgery centers. Ascential is manufactured by Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. For more information, please visit us at www.ascentialhealth.com.


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