Spine Navigation Technology can ease surgery complications: Doctors

IANS | Nov 24, 2016

Spine Navigation Technology – an image-based medical technology – can be the best way to perform delicate and complex spinal surgeries, said doctors on Wednesday.

According to them, the biggest advantage of the Spine Navigation Technology is that doctors are able to operate with better visualisation and more accuracy than ever before.

“The image-based technology used in spinal surgery utilises scans of the patient’s anatomy and instruments that are tracked by the Navigation System’s camera. The specialised software creates a virtual, 3-D model of the patient’s spine, essentially a digital roadmap or blueprint to help guide the surgeon,” said Arvind Kulkarni, Head of Spine Scoliosis and Disc Replacement Centre at Bombay Hospital.

Adding further, he said: “The spine surgeon can use this model to plan the details of the surgery including the number, size and location of implants.”

He said that the new technology used during complex cases enables faster, precise and less invasive spinal procedures in a reduced radiation environment.




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