Spine Wave Announces the Commercial Launch of the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System

SHELTON, Conn., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spine Wave is pleased to announce its commercial launch of the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System.  The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System is designed to safely and rapidly deliver large amounts of bone graft.  The system can transform the tedious and sometimes frustrating graft delivery process into a more efficient part of thoracolumbar spinal fusion surgeries and, due to less instrument passes by sensitive patient anatomy, may reduce the risk of injury.

The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System is comprised of two single use, 5cc graft magazines that are loaded with bone graft on the back table.  The magazines couple with the system’s specially-designed funnels to rapidly deliver large amounts of graft in 1cc increments.  This new grafting approach can reduce frustrating funnel jams and requires only one instrument pass into the graft site to complete the grafting procedure.  The GraftMag® Graft Delivery System can be used in virtually any thoracolumbar spine fusion procedure and with any interbody device.  However, it fits particularly well with Spine Wave’s exciting line of expandable interbody fusion products, especially the Leva® Interbody Devices, which are well known for uniquely accommodating large amounts of bone graft with their use.

“Clinical research indicates that fusion rates are positively correlated with the amount of implanted graft material.  I developed the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System with Spine Wave to make delivering large amounts of graft material faster, easier, safer, and less costly when used in conjunction with any interbody device,” said Dennis Crandall, M.D., Medical Director of Sonoran Spine in Tempe Arizona, and Chairman of the Sonoran Spine Research and Education Foundation.  “Using the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System in conjunction with Spine Wave’s line of Leva® Interbody Devices is a particularly compelling option for many of my thoracolumbar spinal fusion procedures because those devices can accommodate so much graft.”

About Spine Wave
Spine Wave is a leader in expandable fusion technologies and is committed to continually delivering highly differentiated products to enable more efficient and less invasive solutions for spine surgeons and their patients. In addition to the GraftMag® Graft Delivery System, Spine Wave also offers a broad portfolio of expandable devices marketed under the StaXx®, Velocity® and Leva® brand names.  The expandable technologies can be utilized in posterior, anterior and lateral surgical approaches.  To complement the expandable spacers, Spine Wave offers a comprehensive line of pedicle screws for both minimally invasive and traditional open approaches. Additionally, Spine Wave recently launched the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System which is being very well received due to the high degree of angulation offered by its unique screw design.  The company is expanding rapidly and continues to recruit sales managers and independent distributors to fuel growth.  For more information on Spine Wave and its products, please visit www.spinewave.com.

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