Biloine W. Young • Thu, September 25th, 2014

The United States, already the most obese nation in the world, is fatter now than it has ever been. That is the disturbing word from Katie Sullivan, commenting on reports from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health. The states of Mississippi and West Virginia are in a tie for the fattest states in the union. Both have an obesity rate higher than 35%.

Arkansas, with a rate of 34.6% is not far behind with Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana and Oklahoma coming up with rates in the lower 30 percentages. The skinniest state is Colorado with a 21.3% obesity rate. More than 65% of adults and almost 32% of children are overweight. Healthcare professionals, who should know better, have an obesity rate of nearly 35% which is higher than the national average. Joining healthcare professionals in the fat category are bureaucrats and law enforcement officials.


Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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