Ortho Spine Distributors, a New Exchange for Orthopedic and Spinal Device Companies to Find Independent Distributors Has Launched

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – One of the most difficult parts of growing an Orthopedic and/or Spinal device company is finding reliable sales representation. With the vast majority of companies competing over the same independent distributors it is difficult to fully develop any given geography. Fortunately, a online exchange has been created to serve as a marketplace to connect orthopedic manufacturers with distributors and rep principals throughout the country.

Co-Founder Josh Sandberg says “In my 11 years working in executive search within the orthopedic and spine industry, I am continually asked to help our clients find independent distributors. Ultimately, due to the nature of relationship between a manufacturer and the distributor, we have found that providing more than contact info and basic information is very difficult. Discontent to provide mediocre results, we’ve decided not to provide this type of service to our clients. . However, since we have accumulated a ton of valuable data on these important targets, we thought now was a great time to launch a website that gives manufacturers access to what has taken us years to develop. Our expectation is that with access to this information, Sales Managers will be able to save significant time and money hunting in our “target-rich” environment of over 1,500 people.”

For the distributor, OrthoSpineDistributors.com currently boasts over 100 open territories with some excellent manufacturer’s with products ranging from spinal implants, biologics, DME, CMF, Extremities, Foot and Ankle and Total Joint Recon.

OrthoSpineDistributors is currently running two promotions to kick off our launch. If you are an orthopedic or spine device manufacturer and use the coupon code “LAUNCH” your account will be given $449 dollars off your order. You can select a 5 pack of territories for free or apply it to heavily discount our 10 pack of territories option. These territories will be advertised for distributors to see in the territories you choose.

Our second promotion is for the ability to search through our distributor profiles. We are limiting this promotion to the first 5 companies that register. Using coupon code “SALESGROWTH” you will be given 25% off any of our distributor search packages. Again, this is limited to the first 5 companies that register so you must act fast to maximize your savings! We are offering annual access to the database and the pricing is based upon the size of your company.

About OrthoSpineDistributors.com

OrthoSpineDistributors.com has created a marketplace to help facilitate the meetings between Orthopedic and Spinal device manufacturer’s and the independent distributors they seek to help realize dramatic sales growth. We offer companies the ability to post open territories as a way to passively expand their sales organizations or search through validated orthopedic and spine distributor profiles to actively pursue representation in a specific market.

About The De Angelis Group

Founded in 2000 with one thing in mind; driving enterprise value for Orthopedic Start-up companies. The DeAngelis Group works with many of the most innovative and exciting new companies in the early stages of development to build a Talented Leadership Team. Whether your company is new to the space or you require a turn-around, our consultants first gain a solid grasp of the deliverables and the specific experience that the leader will require and then conduct the search effectively.  Our network in Orthopedics is vast and qualitative. We have developed algorithms to evaluate who best fits in the start-up environment and who can develop and execute a strategic plan achieving sustainable growth.

Our clients range from Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms to Boards of Directors with Orthopedic Start-up companies. They choose to work with The De Angelis Group because of their unparalleled knowledge of and influence in the orthopedic industry.  The De Angelis Group assists in a broad range of Strategic Planning and Execution of Executive Search on behalf of our clients.

About OrthoSpineNews.com

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Josh Sandberg

Josh Sandberg is the President and CEO of Ortho Spine Partners and sits on several company and industry related Boards. He also is the Creator and Editor of OrthoSpineNews.

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  1. I’m trying to find a way to get in contact with many distributors from around the country and wondered if you could help?

  2. Hi Josh,
    If you are looking to access distributors around the country, please feel free to check out OrthoSpineDistributors.com. If you have any questions, please let us know.

    Josh Sandberg

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