Elizabeth Hofheinz, M.P.H., M.Ed. • Wed, February 18th, 2015

Actress Jennifer Grey was in so much pain that she wasn’t up for much activity…Dirty Dancing or otherwise. After more than 30 years of severe neck pain, Grey underwent surgery and received a two-level artificial disc replacement using Mobi-C technology from LDR Spine. Robert Bray, Jr. M.D., founder of the DISC Sports and Spine Center in Los Angeles, performed the surgery.

Jennifer Grey had been suffering with neck pain for years, brought on by a tragic car accident. Grey, also known for her season 10 victory on Dancing With the Stars, sought out Dr. Bray. According to the DISC website, Dr. Bray indicated, “Jennifer’s exam was very abnormal. When I tapped her reflexes, they were very jumpy, which is a sign that something is pressing against the spinal cord…”

“She was told no. No, she cannot dance. No, she cannot do any type of workout. No, she cannot play any sports.” Dr. Bray adds, “Frankly, I told her she probably shouldn’t be driving around.”

Grey and Dr. Bray recently appeared on an episode of The Doctors to explain her journey. She commented in the January 29, 2015 episode, “After four surgeries I said to him [Dr. Bray], ‘Can I do Dancing With the Stars?’ ‘Yeah, you can do it,’ was his answer. The second to last night I was doing the freestyle and it didn’t feel quite right. Turns out, I had ruptured my disc.”

And although she won the competition, her condition worsened. “I did not want to go out at night, I did not want to get up to workout in the morning…I was making my daughters lunch and all of the sudden I was just crumpled on the floor crying.”

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