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New Q-FIX™ All-Suture Anchor from Smith & Nephew provides surgeons the pull-out strength of a hard implant in half the space

LONDON, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Smith & Nephew SNN, +0.23% (SN.), the global medical technology business, today announced the launch of its Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor. Designed for procedures like rotator cuff repair and labrum repair in which anatomic space is very limited, the new anchor delivers performance characteristics that meet or exceed those of much larger, hard anchors[i].

“The Q-FIX All-Suture Anchor is a great option for hip labral repair,” says J.W. Thomas Byrd, MD of The Nashville Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Nashville, Tenn. “Its small size allows surgeons to access tight spaces in the hip and the radially expanding anchor provides exceptionally reliable performance.”

Unlike the performance of other all-suture anchors which can vary based on factors such as poor knot deployment or a surgeon’s ability to fully tension the suture by hand, the Q-FIX implant uses a unique, radially expanding implant that fully deploys at the same depth within the bone every time. The Q-FIX anchor also uses an exclusive deployment dial located on the inserter’s handle to automatically tighten the suture to a target of 140 Newtons – three times more than is possible using hand tensioning. Insufficient tensioning can result in micromotion caused by the suture’s natural elasticity, which may reduce anchor performance.

Indicated for use in the shoulder and hip, the Q-FIX anchor is available in both 1.8mm (single loaded) and 2.8mm (double loaded) sizes with associated disposable and reusable instruments.

“The Q-FIX implant is the next generation in the design of all-suture anchors,” says Scott Schaffner, Vice President, Global Sports Medicine Franchise for Smith & Nephew. “It offers surgeons the benefits and flexibility they love with all-suture anchors, as well as the fixation and pull-out strength they expect from much larger, hard anchors.”


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