Dr. Harold Hess implants 1st Spinal Simplicity Minuteman G3 — 5 things to know

By Laura Dyrda

Harold Hess, MD, a neurosurgeon in Overland Park, Kan., developed a spinal fusion device and used it for the first time at Blue Valley Hospital earlier this week, according to a Fox 4 KC report.

Dr. Hess developed the Minuteman G3 through his company Spinal Simplicity. Here are five quick notes on the device:

1. The Minuteman G3 is indicated for treating degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, tumors and/or trauma symptoms.

2. The system uses a lateral percutaneous approach for implanting a device through the minimally invasive procedure.

3. The device is designed to reduce operative time and speed patient recovery, ultimately improving outcomes.

4. It takes 10 minutes to 15 minutes to implant the Minuteman G3 through a one-inch incision.

5. The system is available for commercial launch nationwide.

“My goal has always been to develop technology that would improve the outcomes of patients through a minimally invasive, yet simple technique,” said Dr. Hess. “With this in mind, I co-founded Spinal Simplicity to create the Minuteman G3 as an innovative, simple solution to treat complex spinal conditions.”


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