Spinal deformity surgery — On the cutting edge with Drs. Isador Lieberman, Suken Shah

By Laura Dyrda

The ultrasonic BoneScalpel from Misonix is designed to increase bone cutting effectiveness and safety in spinal procedures, which has a huge impact on patient safety and outcomes for spinal deformity procedures.

The technology cuts bone while leaving elastic soft tissue mostly unaffected during incidental contact.

“The BoneScalpel modernizes deformity correction since it provides for a safer and faster procedure than traditional instruments, like osteotomes and kerrisons,” says Suken Shah, MD, a spine surgeon with Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. He uses the BoneScalpel for several procedures, including:

• Facectomies
• Ponte osteotomes
• Vertebral column resections
• Thoracoplasties.

The technology can also be used in more complex procedures. “Any time you have to remove, cut or reshape bone, the BoneScalpel will help. If you’re doing a deformity, it’s great,” says Isador Lieberman, MD, director of the scoliosis and spine tumor center at the Texas Back Institute in Plano, TX.


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