BIOMATLANTE obtains CE approval to market its OSTEOTWIN™ Affix Sheath

BIOMATLANTE (Vigneux de Bretagne), a medical devices company specialized in bone regeneration, today announced the CE regulatory approval of OSTEOTWIN™ Affix Sheath, combining a polymer with its MBCP™ core technology, to significantly enhance fixation strength and graft protection. This product is the result of a development partnership between BIOMATLANTE and AMPLITUDE (Valence). BIOMATLANTE will showcase this innovative product at the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) Congress, held 7-11 June 2015 in Lyon, France.

Owing to its easy-to-use unique design, OSTEOTWIN™ Affix Sheath provides superior fixation strength and greater graft protection.

Its main features include:

  • Interior threading that can be used with both Polylactic and Composite screws
  • Rotational locking system for easier screw insertion
  • Guidewire friendly

OSTEOTWIN™ Affix Sheath completes the OSTEOTWIN™ Interference screws line, marketed by BIOMATLANTE.

This product is exclusively distributed by the company AMPLITUDE in France and Switzerland, and through BIOMATLANTE distribution network for the rest of Europe.

“This CE mark is further evidence of our strategy of continuously developing new technologies in the field of bone regeneration and tissue engineering. With this innovation, BIOMATLANTE now offers a more complete range in knee ligament reconstruction. With the OSTEOTWIN™ Affix Sheath now available in Europe, we are confident we can meet our goals for growth in 2015”said Chantal Gobin, CEO of Biomatlante.

About BIOMATLANTE, experts in bone regeneration
Based near Nantes, France, Biomatlante specializes in synthetic biomaterials for bone regeneration and is a world leader in bone graft technologies, selling its products in over 50 countries. Biomatlante’s products are routinely used in orthopedics and trauma surgery, in spine and dental surgery. BIOMATLANTE strives to integrate a strategy of strong innovation and product development required to meet and exceed the needs of today’s market. Our R&D collaborates closely with universities and research centers across the world, bringing together competences in innovation, technological transfers of new biomaterials, surgical technologies and providing the intellectual protection required to foster long-term projects.

About MBCP™ Technology, worldwide reference in synthetic bone graft
The unique 3-step manufacturing process developed by BIOMATLANTE confers its core MBCP biphasic HA/ ß-TCP technology unique properties for hard tissue regeneration. Its micro-macroporous structure mimics that of human bone and provides an ideal osteogenic matrix for bone regeneration in general and tissue engineering in particular.

About OSTEOTWIN™ Screw, resorbable interference screws
Osteotwin™ was designed to fulfill two core aims: provide appropriate mechanical properties necessary for ACL reconstruction whilst ensuring controlled resorption and osteointegration required to form architectural bone.

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