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Why Choosing the Right Consultant is Critical:

It often makes sense for entrepreneurs and small businesses to seek out the counsel of others by hiring consultants. Consultants have often been exposed to a large variety of experiences within a particular field and can therefore provide expertise allowing an individual or firm to maximize on efficiency. Consultants can also offer a fresh perspective and best practices for a particular industry or function. However, consultants are an investment. So how do you find the right fit for you and your business?

When choosing a consultant to work with, it’s important to find out if the if they match your needs and are someone that you want to work with. The choice of the right consultant can often mean the difference between success and failure. However, a good consultant can add a significant amount of value to a project and the value that is delivered is often well worth the fee.

You’ll want a consultant or consulting firm with solid experience, high character and outstanding communication skills. By reviewing recent accomplishments and references, you can get a better understanding of who they are as a person and where exactly their strengths lie. Through proper research, you or your company can narrow down candidates, choose the most fitting one for your needs and avoid a negative experience that could result in a loss of time and budget. However, research such as this can take a grueling amount of time and effort.

So where can these consultants be found—without all of the stress?

Specifically for the Musculoskeletal Industry, OrthoSpineList provides a platform for manufacturers, consultants, surgeons and others within the industry to connect for the purpose of exploring working together. Since launch, OrthoSpineList has attracted companies and consulting experts from around the globe who have immediately seen value within the site. As the “Angie’s List” of the Musculoskeletal Industry, OrthoSpineList allows users to build out profiles, gain references and reviews and personally connect with one another. Tony Recupero of Catalyst Performance Advisors says “OrthoSpineList is an outstanding way for executives, entrepreneurs and service providers to connect and collaborate to move the needle on important projects.”

How does OrthoSpineList work?

OrthoSpineList was created for anyone and everyone who works in or supports the Orthopedic and Spine device industry. Consultants within every function are able to create a profile on their businesses. Manufacturers are able to search these profiles when seeking the help of a professional consultant, and they are also able to create a profile on their own company to be a resource for patients and surgeons doing their due diligence.

When using the OrthoSpineList search, users are able to select a variety of filters based off of the core competencies that they are looking for within a business professional or company. Searches can be performed by region or functional area of expertise. As searches are filtered, the results will automatically update both on the interactive map and below the search section to ensure that users are able to see all of the available experts that match their selected criteria. With a quick look at review scores, the person conducting the search is able to quickly and effectively screen and initiate contact with the expert of their choice.

What are you waiting for? Let OrthoSpineList help you succeed! Visit today to find out more.

Catalyst Performance Advisors, led by Tony Recupero, is a leading global commercial strategy /sales force effectiveness consultancy. Catalyst is trusted by physicians, entrepreneurs and orthopedic and spine executives to ignite market performance, driving quantifiable results. They are focused on commercialization services, with extensive experience in product development, sales and marketing, training, regulatory, compliance, clinical trials, and intellectual property issues. Catalyst possesses deep expertise in medical devices with a focus on orthopedics and spine.

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