Del Palma Orthopedics Liquidating Corporate Assets

Columbia City, Indiana — (June 11, 2015) Del Palma Orthopedics, LLC announces that it will be liquidating all of its corporate assets via sealed bid auction. The assets include the award- winning, worldwide patent protected Advansor® product platform using Advanced Monorail Technology® and Bone Fusion Technology Platform for fusion indication in the hand, wrist, foot, and ankle. The Advanced Monorail Technology has application in releasing soft tissue associated with the Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, DeQuervains, and Carpal Tunnel. The intellectual property portfolio includes registered trademarks, issued patents and pending patent applications that cover both technologies.

The issued patents are:


Trademark Registration No. 4,046,110 Trademark Registration No. 4,289,330 Trademark Registration No. 3,959,837 US Patent No. 8,579,930

US Patent No. 9,028,516
US Patent No. 8,273,098
Design Patent No US D636,873, US D636,874, US D638,940, US D628,291, US D629,901, US D629,902
Community Design Patents 001228191-0001, 001228191-0002, 001228191-0003, 1776238-0001, 1776238-0002

Bone Fusion

US 2013-0331947-A1
US 2013-0325076-A1
US Design Patent D722380
European Patent for Application No 12709720

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