VQ announces FreeFlex OA brace

VQ OrthoCare recently announced the newest addition to its line of osteoarthritis offerings: the FreeFlex OA brace.

Indicated for patients with more sedentary lifestyles and mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis (OA), FreeFlex OA is designed to reduce pain, enhance stability and improve overall patient outcomes through the use of the wrap-style brace’s three leverage points, according to a company press release.

The brace is made of a non-neoprene fabric but also features a nylon-spandex material for the back of the knee. It also has an adjustable Q-hinge to provide pressure on the affected area and a crossing strap that reduces load on the affected compartment when pulled.

FreeFlex OA is available either via directly from VQ or through a physician’s prescription, according to the release.

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