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6 spine physicians ranked #1 on Google

By Stephanie Burke

These six spine specialists are ranked #1 on Google for their articles on spine conditions and treatments.

Literally millions patients read their articles every year, showing the positive impact that physicians can have with patient education done right.

1. Ray Baker, MD: Dr. Baker’s articles on injections are top-ranked across the board, with about 1 million patients reading his articles every year. Dr. Baker has also provided oversight for Spine-health’s full suite of pain management articles and videos, which are viewed more than 7 million times each year.

2. John Sherman, MD: Dr. Sherman has contributed his expertise in spine fusion by authoring three top-ranked articles on lumbar spine fusion surgery. These articles are read by nearly a half-million patients every year, indicating that just about every person having a lumbar fusion in this country reads Dr. Sherman’s articles.

3. Jeffrey Spivak, MD: Dr. Spivak earns a place on this list through his articles and videos on various surgical options, including a top-ranked article and video on multi-level spinal fusion and a number of articles on vertebral augmentation. Dr. Spivak’s articles are read by a half-million patients every year.


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