Thoughts for ASCs 2015 – 2016

By Scott Becker & Mary Rechtoris

There are several big themes that currently run throughout the ASC industry. These include pressures on reimbursement and case numbers, reductions in the number of independent physicians, evolving payor control in many markets, issues with hospital control in many markets, the evolution of narrow networks and the movement towards consumer payment. In short, it is a daunting and fascinating time for ASCs.

Here are 14 issues to consider:

1.    The Big Four ASC Specialties.  The big four specialties for ambulatory surgery centers include ophthalmology, orthopedics, GI and pain management. Overall, these specialties remain strong and reasonably independent. Ophthalmology, GI and pain management provide the largest number of cases to ASCs by case volume. Orthopedics, in contrast, comprises 15 percent of all ASC surgeries, but is very important by revenue.


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