Stem Cells save the lives of two Houston kids

HOUSTON, TX – Running seems normal to some kids and young adults, but to 7-year-old Tucker Beau Hyatt and 23-year-old Sarah Hughes it’s a gift. And like superheroes, they’ve had to fight every step of the way since they’ve been alive.

At very young ages, both Tucker and Sarah were diagnosed with Systematic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Even as of just a few short months ago, the pair was in wheelchairs and listed as terminal.

That`s when Houston-based Celltex stepped in, educating the dynamic duo on the possibility of using their very own stem cells as therapy for the debilitating disease. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. And yes it`s against United States law to administer stem cells. So, our superheroes did the only thing they could. They took the next flight to Cancun for treatment for trip that changed their lives forever. Now, wheelchairs aside, these kids are running towards one thing, the future.


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