Spinal doctor warns parents as back-to-school shopping starts

By Christie Post

TAMPA, FL – Get ready to save money because Florida’s back to school sales tax holiday starts Friday.

For 10 days the state will suspend tax on tons of items from clothing to school supplies and computers.

According to the National Retail Federation, the average family is expected to spend $97 just on school supplies alone.

Whether it’s a trendy pencil pouch or a puppy themed notebook, the back to school section can be tempting for any child to want to splurge.

That’s why Kareline Lopez-McNeill is opting to get all her son’s supplies alone.

“It takes me two hours with them and takes me an hour without them,” said Lopez-McNeill.

And this way, she doesn’t have to say no.

“I would have to buy that on top of what I need to buy,” said Lopez-McNeill.


Dr. David Siambanes with the Children’s Scoliosis Center says don’t be fooled by all the savvy advertising to get you to buy more.

He claims the heavier your child’s backpack, the more likely it will lead to back pain or spinal complications.



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