Ortho RTi Announces Acquisition of Regenerative Medicine Technology

KIRKLAND, QCAug. 11, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ – Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc., a privately held Canadian biotechnology company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Agreement with Gestion Univalor, L.P. and Polytechnique Montréal to acquire a platform technology for the repair and regeneration of damaged joints, including the knee and shoulder. This novel platform uses formulations specially designed to transform from a freeze-dried polymer into therapeutic microparticles, either upon contact with surgically prepared lesions or when combined with blood fractions enriched for cells that stimulate wound healing. This core technology is the foundation upon which Ortho will develop a portfolio of products that help regenerate joint tissues.

“This platform is built on solid scientific research by leading experts in the field of joint and tissue repair,” said Steve Saviuk, President of Ortho RTi. “The first focus will be on repair of torn meniscus in the knee. We have seen encouraging data from a recently completed pilot animal model showing the ability to stimulate meniscus healing in joints treated with our technology. Additional clinical targets include the repair of articular cartilage and of the rotator cuff.”

Currently, only a small percentage of surgical procedures to repair tears to the meniscus, rotator cuff and articular cartilage result in satisfactory regeneration. Ortho’s continuing development will focus on this large percentage of tears that require biological stimulation to heal properly.  Ortho’s products are provided in a stable lyophilised format that is easily added to current treatment protocols already in place in orthopedic surgery.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Univalor has agreed to transfer several patent applications and their related know-how to Ortho RTi who in turn has awarded a three year contract to Polytechnique Montréal to carry out a research and development program to further advance the related technologies.

About Ortho RTi
Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc is a private Canadian Biotechnology Company dedicated to the development of medical devices for significant unmet needs in the Orthopedics market. Based on a biopolymer platform, the company is developing new treatments for meniscal tears, rotator cuff and articular cartilage injuries, all with few current options for repair.

About Gestion Univalor, L.P.
Univalor is a university technology transfer organization that commercializes scientific findings and technological innovations emanating from some 2,600 researchers at the Université de Montréal and its affiliated health centres, Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal. The Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations du Québec (MEIE) supports the operations of Univalor. By creating links between the university and the business community, Univalor makes businesses more competitive, generates revenue for research and, most importantly, enriches society.

About Polytechnique Montréal
Founded in 1873, Polytechnique Montréal is one of Canada’s leading engineering teaching and research institutions. It is the largest engineering university in Québec in terms of the size of its graduate student body and the scope of its research activities. With over 43,000 graduates, Polytechnique Montréal has educated nearly one-quarter of the current members of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. Polytechnique provides training in 15 engineering specialties, has 265 professors and more than 8,000 students. It has an annual operating budget of over $200 million, including an $80-million research budget.

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