Nanoscale surface-treatment technology for medical implants combats infections

By Norbert Sparrow

Tyber Medical LLC, a private-label original equipment manufacturer of spine and orthopedic implants headquartered in Morristown, NJ, has acquired an exclusive licensing agreement for an antimicrobial surface coating technology that will be used in select orthopedic applications. The agreement between Tyber Medical and an unnamed prestigious biomaterial research institution also includes refining the manufacturing process, as well as ongoing funding for additional scientific studies.

The BioTy antimicrobial surface coating technology exhibits unique surface characteristics on a nanoscale that have the potential to significantly reduce hospital-associated infections, says the company.

Initial research shows [the coating’s] great strength characteristics, Eric Dickson, Director of Business Development, told PlasticsToday, and the scientific team [that developed it] is well known in the nanotechnology field, he added. “The regulatory pathway leads for a quick market entry, plus we can enhance the technology to give it other features such as osteo-integration as well as antimicrobial properties.”


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