Femoral neck fracture mortality risks higher in men, patients ages 84 years and older

From 2005 to 2010, patients in the Medicare population with femoral neck fractures had an overall mortality rate of 1.5%, according to study results. Additionally, men had twice as high of a mortality rate compared with women, and patients 84 years of age and older who sustained femoral neck fractures were the most likely to die soon afterward.

In a retrospective review of the PearlDiver database, researchers analyzed use and payment information for Medicare patients from 2005 to 2010. ICD-9, ICD-9-D-820.0 and ICD-9-D-820.13 codes representing femoral neck fractures and related conditions were used in a stratified sampling to determine the number of patients with death discharges from inpatient centers. The researchers also analyzed demographics, including, age, sex and injury year.


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