2 Medical Technology Stocks To Weather Market Pullback

By Javier Hasse

Given the wide domestic market slack, Piper Jaffray analysts Matt O’Brien and J.P. McKim reviewed their medical technology stocks list (which includes orthopedics, dental and vision care names) to determine which companies might provide good investment opportunities to weather the storm.

The experts noted that, while “exposure to China, the main source of the sell-off, is fairly limited” on their list, investors worried about the situation should be careful with capex, deferrable procedure and cash-strapped companies in the near term.

Piper Jaffray’s Picks

Taking all this into account, the firm favors K2M Group Holdings Inc KTWO 0.23% and Cooper Companies Inc COO 0.27%, as they offer products that are more resilient to macro forces than most others.

O’Brien and McKim highlighted, however, that none of these names is completely protected from macroeconomic burdens. Notwithstanding, the products they sell will probably be less impacted by the overall economic conditions, they suggested.


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