VA Spinal Cord Injury Center Demonstrates Clinical Improvement With The EarlySense Monitoring System

WALTHAM, MassachusettsSeptember 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

A VA Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Center has reported significant positive clinical results achieved with the EarlySense Monitoring System. The Scientific Poster was presented at the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (ASCIP) 2015 Educational Conference.

Patient safety for chronically ill Spinal Cord Injury patients in the hospital is an ongoing challenge. Early detection of patient deterioration has helped drive significant clinical improvements in the Veterans Spinal Cord unit. Post implementation results showed a decrease of more than 60% in Medical Response Team (MRT) Activations; Code Blue Activations decreased by 50%. Furthermore, ICU Transfers decreased by40% and Mortality following MRT/Code Activations decreased by 83%. These results were derived from the monitoring of 1,150 patients monitored on the EarlySense System during a one year period of time, after the Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center purchased and implemented the EarlySense System.

“These are at-risk patients and it is vital to protect their clinical progress. To have such a meaningful impact on outcomes for our Veterans is very rewarding. A reduction of 80% in mortality following major deteriorations, is a breakthrough in quality of care which the professional team at the SCI Center should be applauded for.” said Tim O’Malley, President of EarlySense Inc. “In adding the EarlySense System to existing clinical support efforts, the Veterans Spinal Cord Injury Center staff elevate their level of response and, therefore, improve outcomes for these Veterans.”

The EarlySense Monitoring System, a solution designed for proactive and personalized patient care for general care non-ICU patients, monitors patients’ Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Motion on a continuous basis, through a contact-free sensor under the mattress, or within a cushion of a chair. The system has allowed the Veterans Spinal Cord Injury center to facilitate timely interventions for SCI Veterans by adding a layer of care with continuous monitoring and drawing attention to those who show early signs of deterioration and who may require timely clinical intervention.

About EarlySense

EarlySense, the market leader in Contact-Free and Continuous Patient Monitoring, assists clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration and in identifying and preventing potential adverse events such as patient falls and pressure ulcers. The company’s solutions monitor patients’ heart and respiratory rate, as well as movement, with a unique sensor that is placed under the mattress. The system was designed to address safety challenges as well as failure to rescue of those patients who are usually monitored by nursing staff approximately once every four to eight hours in general care floors and alternate care facilities. EarlySense also offers OEM solutions for companies looking to expand their products by providing contact-free and continuous sensing capabilities. EarlySense’s North American headquarters are in Waltham, MA, and the International headquarters are based in Israel. The EarlySense System is currently installed in hospitals and alternate care facilities in the USAEuropeAsia and Australia. For more information, visit EarlySense.com.

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