In a First for the Orthopedic Industry, Bone Solutions of Dallas (BSI) Has Received Formal Patent Approval for Its Groundbreaking Magnesium Based Resorbable Bio-Material

Dallas, TX, September 10, 2015 –(PR.com)– Bone Solutions has most recently focused on launching its currently approved FDA extremity/trauma based applications by years end. Bone Solutions is also exploring dental and maxillofacial/cranial applications for this OsteoCrete™ based technology.

The Company noted that the creation of a Activated Spinal Fusion Slurry (ASFS) using a mixture of magnesium, potassium phosphate, and calcium phosphate, similar to its existing OsteoCrete(tm) technology, allows the slurry to form a bonded vertebrae structure that permits bone growth into a bonded vertebrae structure providing fusion of the two adjacent vertebrae.

Bone Solutions, which exclusively develops medical market applications of emerging technologies, will next pursue FDA approval for additional spinal applications, and is also considering potential ventures with established third party companies interested in spine markets, according to Mr. Diaz.

Mr. Diaz stated this new patented technology can be a replacement or a supplement to other spinal fusion biomaterials like BMP-2 and IMPDH. Current bone void fillers and some cements may not provide adequate spinal fusion to replace BMP-2 or IMPDH. BSI also noted that a surge in biomaterials capable of treating orthopedic injuries has led to a maze of products as bone cements to attach various objects to bone, and bone void fillers capable of treating bone fractures and other bone defects.

About Bone Solutions, Inc.
Bone Solutions is a Dallas, Texas based, orthobiologics technology company with a vision to provide orthopedic surgeons a means to improve clinical outcomes in a number of complex procedures, while lowering costs. BSI’s first step to achieving that vision is to introducing its revolutionary new product, OsteoCrete™, which is a unique material used to complement hardware needed in repairs of complex fractures and in joint replacement procedures.

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