Colorado HealthOP Announces Partnership With SI-BONE, Inc.(R)

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO, Oct 07, 2015 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — With growing evidence showing the positive results and cost savings associated with using SI-BONE’s iFuse Implant System(R) for treatment of the sacroiliac (“SI”) joint in patients with lower back pain, Colorado HealthOP today (the “CO-OP”) announced a partnership with SI-BONE, Inc., a leading SI joint medical device company.

In addition to current physical therapy interventions for lower back pain due to the SI joint, the CO-OP will cover SI-BONE’s iFuse Implant System(R), a minimally invasive surgical treatment for certain SI joint disorders, for its members in accordance with their health plan policy and medical necessity. Colorado HealthOP is one of the early adopters to cover the iFuse procedure under its insurance plans in an effort to save costs by treating lower back pain efficiently and avoiding unnecessary additional procedures.

“Lower back pain is a significant health condition in Colorado that impacts our members’ quality of life,” said Dr. Jack Westfall, chief medical officer at the CO-OP. “At the CO-OP, we embrace new and innovative approaches to care for our members. Though it’s often misdiagnosed, published studies have shown that 15 to 30% of all lower back pain is associated with the sacroiliac joint. By offering this leading edge technology treatment to our members, we are ensuring they have access to some of the best care to address their condition.”

“With SI joint disorders being such a significant contributor of lower back pain, it is essential to cover this clinically proven procedure. As part of the partnership, SI-BONE and the CO-OP are focusing together on better differential diagnoses of lower back pain and will be rolling out joint educational programs,” said Michael Mydra, VP Health Outcomes and Reimbursement at SI-BONE.

Lower back pain impacts adults of all ages and is one of the leading causes of work absence worldwide according to the World Health Organization.

Colorado HealthOP – Colorado HealthOP is the state’s only nonprofit health insurance cooperative (CO-OP) established in response to the growing demand for easy, affordable healthcare for individuals and small businesses across Colorado. By using a nonprofit CO-OP business model, Colorado HealthOP is able to reinvest its profits into the CO-OP and broaden coverage and benefits for members.

SI-BONE – SI-BONE, Inc. (San Jose, California) is a leading SI joint medical device company dedicated to the development of tools and products for patients with low[er] back issues related to certain SI joint disorders. The company has developed, and is manufacturing and marketing, minimally invasive products for patients with certain SI joint disorders. SI-BONE has an experienced management team with extensive experience in orthopedic and spine medical devices. SI-BONE and iFuse Implant System are registered trademarks of SI-BONE, Inc.

The iFuse Implant System is intended for sacroiliac fusion for conditions including sacroiliac joint dysfunction that is a direct result of sacroiliac joint disruption and degenerative sacroiliitis. This includes conditions whose symptoms began during pregnancy or in the peripartum period and have persisted postpartum for more than 6 months. There are potential risks associated with the iFuse Implant System. It may not be appropriate for all patients and all patients may not benefit. For information about the risks, visit:

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