Stealth startup Onkos gets Series A, partnership for next-gen bone cancer surgery

By Stacy Lawrence

Onkos Surgical’s stated mission is to transform surgical oncology, but it hasn’t divulged the details yet on how it hopes to do that. Founded this year, the startup has secured a Series A financing and partnered with MicroPort Orthopedics. The financial details were undisclosed in the company’s announcement, but an SEC filing reveals that Onkos recently secured the first $6.1 million of a financing that’s expected to total $15.3 million.

Onkos plans to develop surgical oncology products and services based on personalized medicine and 3-D printing capabilities. Through its MicroPort partnership, it’s gaining access to a portfolio of segmental prostheses as well as getting a Chinese distribution partner.

MicroPort has the Repiphysis expandable prosthesis technology for bone cancer patients; it is self-expanding and used as a bone replacement in limb salvage surgeries. In children, the technology offers a noninvasive means to subsequently expand the implant without repeated further surgeries, which is typically the norm.


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