IMPLANET announces the 10,000th JAZZ Band sold

Bordeaux, Boston, 13 October 2015 – IMPLANET (Euronext: IMPL, FR0010458729, PEA-PME eligible), a medical technology company specializing in vertebral and knee-surgery implants, today announces that the 10,000th JAZZ Band has been implanted.

The consistent quarterly growth of Implanet’s Spine segment is the result of the organizational focus over the last two years, notably in its traditional market, France, and its most dynamic market, the United States.

The insertion of the 10,000th JAZZ implant, its rapidly-increasing adoption, the publication of nine papers emphasizing its clinical and medico-economic value, and its compatibility with all fixation systems illustrate Implanet’s response to market demand for new solutions in the field of spine surgery. Implanet recently expanded its JAZZ Band™ range to increase its influence on a global market estimated to be worth over 2 billion dollars. The Company’s unique clinical and regulatory know-how has also allowed it to rapidly deploy its technology by obtaining marketing clearance in 16 countries.

Ludovic Lastennet, CEO of Implanet, says: “With more than 10,000 JAZZ implanted in less than three years since its launch and more than 2,000 surgeries performed worldwide improving the lives of patients with severe deformities and degenerative pathologies, we are again proving our ability to successfully meet challenge after challenge and to maintain buoyant growth momentum quarter after quarter. We do not intend to stop here, and will intensify our efforts to rapidly obtain additional clearances in major markets while providing important new clinical data and continuing to deploy the best possible technologies to meet surgeon demands.

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