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Adults, children more prone to injuries when exercising in cold weather

(WTNH) — The cold weather is coming and that means it may be easier for you and your kids to get hurt if you’re playing sports outside. When the air temperature drops, the ground temperature does too.

The ground also gets harder, so if you fall it’s easier to get hurt. Though you might think drinking water is most important when it’s hot outside, doctors say it’s just as important to drink up when it’s cold out. They recommend drinking something warm, like soup broth. It’s important to pay attention to both the air temperature and the wind chill.

“There’s a wind chill chart that we keep an eye on, and exposed skin can be frostbitten within 30 minutes at certain temperatures,” said Nate Hepner, Director of Sports Medicine at the University of New Haven. “We keep an eye on some of our smaller guys who have a little bit less mass.”


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