New Midcarpal Modular Wrist Hemiarthroplasty Implant to be Released December 2015

November 5, 2015 – Parsippany, NJ – Extremity Medical, LLC announced the scheduled release of the new KinematX Modular Hemi Wrist System to several international surgical facilities in the European Union and Australia by early December 2015. Patient follow-up results from these procedures will be recorded by the surgeons in an international wrist replacement registry to determine patient outcomes with the new prosthesis. Extremity Medical will look to expand the commercial release of the KinematX System to its 25 international markets once this early clinical evaluation is completed.

Although current options such as total wrist replacement and wrist fusion can alleviate pain, patients are often limited in perform- ing certain activities after surgery.

“Wrist arthritis is one of the most common and debilitating conditions treated by hand surgeons,” explained Scott Wolfe, M.D., the hand and upper extremity surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City who developed the new device. “When conser- vative treatments fail to provide relief, patients often consider surgery. Because of the limitations of current surgical options, we set out to develop a better wrist replacement based on years of research into how the wrist moves.”

Extremity Medical and Dr. Wolfe have designed a modular hemi wrist replacement designed to be a better anatomical match for a normal wrist and thus preserve the wrist motion needed for a range of activities.

Matt Lyons, Chairman, and CEO of Extremity Medical commented, “KinematX offers a potentially signi cant solution for the upper extremity surgeon faced with addressing the younger, highly active patient in need of functional restoration – a market not cur- rently addressed by currently available arthroplasty solutions.”

Extremity Medical, LLC is an orthopedic device company specializing in the development of next generation systems addressing unmet needs for the extremity surgeon. The company currently has 14 products released globally which include specialized xa- tion and advanced arthroplasty systems for the lower and distal upper extremities. The company’s products are covered by an ex- tensive portfolio of existing and pending patents.

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