Can Orthofix International NV (NASDAQ:OFIX) hit expected sales?

In its most recent quarter Orthofix International NV had actual sales of $ 101.151M. Among the 1 analysts who were surveyed, the consensus expectation for quarterly sales had been
97.5M. This represents a 3.744% difference between analyst expectations and the Orthofix International NV achieved in its quarterly earnings.

We’ve also learned that Orthofix International NV will report its next earnings on May 4, 2016. The earnings report after that one will be on May 16, 2016, and the report for the fiscal year will be made available on May 4, 2016.

Last quarters actual earnings were 0.3 per share.

The overall rating for the company is 1. The rating is an average of the various different ratings given by analysts and brokers to Orthofix International NV, and then averaged into one rating by a team of analysts at Zacks in Chicago, Illinois.
For Orthofix International NV, the numerical average rating system is as follows:

  1. Strong buy for OFIX
  2. BUY for OFIX
  3. HOLD for OFIX
  4. SELL for OFIX
  5. Strong SELL for OFIX

Analysts continue to rate Orthofix International NV

Sell side brokers and analysts continue to rate Orthofix International NV:


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