Population health on a budget: How one orthopedic surgeon succeeded in Chicago’s most impoverished neighborhoods

Daniel Ivankovich, MD, is one of a kind.

For years, his physician colleagues thought he was crazy for establishing his practice among the most impoverished Chicago neighborhoods and treating almost exclusively Medicaid patients. He made house calls and was known for his personal style and connection with patients.

Today, he’s being honored for those very attributes.

Dr. Ivankovich is among 2015’s CNN Top 10 Heroes of the Year, sharing company with Jim Withers, MD, a Pittsburgh-based physician who care for the city’s homeless; Richard Joyner, who manages Conetoe Family Life Center with 20 plots of land operating community gardens in a North Carolina nutritional desert; and Sean Gobin, who created “Warrior Hike,” a nonprofit to help combat veterans cope with their war experiences.


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