Houston Methodist Hospital and Blue Belt Technologies Announce First Hospital in Houston to Implement CT-free Robotic Orthopedic Surgery

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Houston Methodist Hospital acquired Blue Belt technologies’ Navio Surgical System about one year ago to help surgeons perform precise and accurate partial knee replacement surgeries. The Navio system helps Houston Methodist Hospital offer its patients one of the most advanced surgical technologies in Houston.

The Blue Belt Technologies Navio technology for partial knee replacements utilizes an advanced CT-free intra-operative registration, planning and navigation platform to assist the surgeon in building patient-specific surgical plans. The Navio robotic handpiece assists the surgeon in preparing bone with the precision of robotics in a hand-held, freehand sculpting technique.

“I have completed many surgeries over the past year utilizing the Navio,” said Dr. Stephen Incavo, Section Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital. The Navio has been a tremendous tool. Patient outcomes and satisfaction have been excellent.”

With no pre-operative CT-scan required, the Navio system integrates easily into existing knee-replacement workflows. This allows the patient to receive the benefits of robotic assistance without additional time spent for pre-operative procedures. Instead, the surgeon registers the patient during the procedure using kinematic reconstruction and anatomic landmarks. This information assists the surgeon in planning the implant location and balancing the knee’s ligaments for a more natural feeling knee.

During bone preparation, Navio’s robotic handpiece is tracked in real-time in relation to the intended resurfacing plan and is computer controlled to remove only the bone required to place the implant.

The Blue Belt Technologies Navio surgical system will be used in many of the partial knee replacement procedures performed each year at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc.

Blue Belt Technologies is a global leader in surgical robotics, developing and commercializing next-generation robotics-assisted technologies for use in orthopedic surgery and other specialties. Blue Belt is focused on the continued commercial success and application expansion of the Navio® Surgical System, which leverages the company’s proprietary and differentiated Precision Freehand Sculpting™ technology. The Navio system helps surgeons deliver precise and consistent results for their patients. For more information visit www.bluebelttech.com.

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