Local aminoglycoside injections likely to lower infection rates for open fractures

By Monica Jaramillo

Infection rates may be effectively decreased in open fractures with the use of systemic antibiotics administered along with local aqueous aminoglycoside, according to results of this study.

Researchers retrospectively collected data of 351 open fractures identified by Current Procedural Terminology codes 11012 and 11011, of which the control group was comprised of 183 fractures which received only systemic antibiotics. Patients in the intervention group, which included 168 fractures, received systemic antibiotics along with 2 mg/mL of aminoglycoside administered locally during the index surgery. Data collected from medical records included demographics, injury characteristics, infection and fracture union.

Postoperative irrigations of aqueous aminoglycoside were administered in some patients at the discretion of the surgeon. Negative pressure dressings were put on wounds which received postoperative irrigations and those wounds that could not be closed.


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