Agent Medical, LLC Launches Two New Lower Extremity Products

RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 05, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Agent Medical, LLC (“Agent Medical”), an orthopaedic medical device company pioneering solutions for patients suffering lower extremity maladies, today announced the launch of two new products that have already received positive reviews from surgeons.

Agent Medical, headquartered in Richmond, VA, has brought to the market creative solutions to surgical challenges for orthopaedic and podiatric surgeons. The company has recently developed two products manufactured in the USA: the patent pending ArthroBridge™, a surgical implant for the treatment of hammertoes, and the patent pending ArthroMate™, an anatomically designed rasp system designed for rear foot fusion procedures.

According to J. Scott Munday, founder and president of Agent Medical and a 30-year veteran in the lower extremity medical market, the ArthroBridge™ and ArthroMate™ devices have been carefully designed and manufactured to overcome deficiencies in current products, assist physicians in minimizing operating room time and most importantly improving long-term results for patients. These devices have the ability to be game changers within the industry.


ArthroBridge™ is a titanium cannulated compression screw paired with a module inserted in the proximal side of the toe to create a lag structure that enhances compression of the joint and promotes better fusion. Designed with screw lengths from 15mm to 50mm and module sizes from 4.0mm to 5.0mm, the device provides for an array of sizing options to accommodate procedures on all toes including the IP joint. Its hex head design allows for simple insertion and removal of screws without stripping. The ArthroBridge™ device also comes complete with a sterile single-use instrument kit with multi-purpose instruments to streamline the surgical procedure for operating room staff. The device has been cleared by the FDA and can be used for primary and revision hammertoe surgeries, in addition to applications for fracture fixation in the hands and feet.

According to Munday, the ArthroBridge™ device eliminates many of the current problems that surgeons see today. He notes that some competitive designs are required to be coupled together at the same time that bone surfaces compress together. Additionally, others rely on an impaction of bones onto a design that does not provide for a dynamic compressive environment.

“These issues are just not practical for the surgeon or the patient,” Munday added. “We took these issues into account and our simple dual diameter design allows for stable, true internal lag compression that involves bones with differing medullary canal diameters. Our instrumentation and implant designs assure that dynamic compression is applied to the joints after the bone surfaces are prepared and compression applied. It’s a win-win for the surgeon and the patient.”


The ArthroMate™ Rear Foot Rasp System reduces the time, effort and expense in preparing joint surfaces for lower extremity fusions. It also eliminates the need for multiple instrument sets on the back table during fusion procedures. It comes in an array of sizes and shapes – starter, angled, paddled, and curved – for effective use on any joint in the foot during surgical fusion procedures.  The instrument also has applications in the hand, hip, knee and shoulder.

“When I founded Agent Medical, I not only wanted to improve patient outcomes, but also work with physicians to develop innovative products that will reduce the time and effort necessary to perform surgical procedures.” Munday said. “It’s exciting to see the impact our rasping system can have on the time it takes to prepare rear foot joints for fusion. This leads to reduced operating room times, lower costs and shorter patient sedation periods.”

About Agent Medical
Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Agent Medical is a national medical device provider within the orthopaedic and podiatric market whose focus is solving challenges faced by the foot and ankle reconstructive surgeon, overcoming anatomical and biomechanical problems using solid principles of design and improving patient outcomes. The company includes an investment and management team well experienced in strategy development and business execution, finance, operations, customer service, marketing, product development and regulatory and risk management. The products will be sold by our growing network of distributors and by contacting Agent Medical directly at www.agentmedicalsolutions.com.

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