MẌ Orthopedics Receives FDA Clearance on the dynaMẌ™ Nitinol Compression Screw

LEXINGTON, Mass., June 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — MẌ Orthopedics, Corp. (MẌO), an orthopedic implant company focused on improving implant/bone fixation, is proud to announce the recent FDA clearance (K160427) of the dynaMẌ™ Nitinol Compression Screw.

The dynaMẌ™ Nitinol Compression Screw utilizes the superelastic properties of Nitinol to provide higher levels of compression than contemporary bone screws.  During manufacturing, the dynaMẌ™ Nitinol Compression Screw is stretched and held in an elongated position with an internal pin.  Following implantation, the internal pin is removed and the Screw attempts to shorten and return to its original unstretched length, thereby providing desirable compression.

“Bone is a living material that remodels with altering stress levels, changing shape and mechanical properties. The dynamic healing process of bone warrants a dynamic implant material.  The dynaMẌ™ Nitinol Compression Screw represents the next generation of screw fixation technology as it is engineered to change shape in vivo, enhancing fracture reduction while applying controlled compression to the fracture site,” said Matthew Fonte, Ph.D., Founder and President of MẌO.

More information about the dynaMẌ™ Compression Screw can be found at:

MẌO’s dynaMẌ™ line of Nitinol fracture fixation implants include superelastic compression screws, staples, plates, and intramedullary implants.  MẌO applies sound engineering principles and sophisticated metallurgical know-how to the design of superelastic implants in order to optimize biologic healing. Deleterious implant instability and bone resorption can be minimized through calculated implant internal fixation forces generated between bone segments.  The dynaMẌ™ line is designed to provide higher levels of compression at the fracture site as the bone remodels.  MẌO’s sophisticated products are Engineered to Heal™. 

MẌO will be showcasing the dynaMẌ™ line at:

  • The National 2016 American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia, PA (July 14-16). Booth #306.
  • The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) Annual Meeting in Toronto, ON (July 20-23). Booth #236.

MẌ Orthopedics, Corp.

SOURCE MX Orthopedics, Corp.

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