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A Better Way to Build Your Distributorship

By Drue De Angelis – August 18, 2016

A New Web App for Distributors launches new site built exclusively for Orthopedic and Spine Distributors to enhance their workflow and create greater efficiencies in a cost conscious healthcare marketplace. “Most of the sales channels in the orthopedic implant industry have fewer than seven people in them and have a grossly underdeveloped infrastructure which limits their ability to grow past a certain threshold” according to Drue De Angelis, Partner at The De Angelis Group, a retained search firm exclusively to the Orthopedic Industry. “Start ups and smaller manufacturers have no reasonable alternative to partnering with these distributors due to the costs associated with going direct as well as the stiff competition over the more experienced and developed independent distributors.” Many smaller distributors use generic tools to manage their businesses. Until came along, there were only a few complex online platforms that cost a lot of money which has been a major obstacle to these smaller distributors.

A Simple CRM for Distributors is a surgery scheduling and customer Client Relationship Management system (CRM) that helps distributors spend less time managing details of the day to day, and more time building their businesses. Think of it as more time working “ON” your business and less time working “IN” your business. This is exactly what smaller distributors need to take things to the next level and appeal to better companies and build a sustainable business that will be worth something when they are ready to exit the business. For most distributors the day to day grind limits their growth as the management of details consumes their schedule, limiting the ability to grow past a certain threshold. enables these distributors to go beyond the limits of conventional, generic platforms. Built by and for orthopedic distributors, is simply the easiest way to get out of the weeds and get a scalable platform that can be leveraged to bring more products to your surgeon customers and build value for the businesses. From a manufacturer’s perspective, using shows them that a distributor has the necessary infrastructure to make additional investments and commitments to the mutual benefit of all parties.

A Tool That is Scaleable

The distributors who have used say “ is freaking awesome! In over 25 years in orthopedics, it is the only system that isn’t too much hassle and actually increases your productivity and lets you go further than you can go without it.” We are happy to be at a point where we have finalized the Beta and are now launching the newest and cleanest efficiency app exclusively for the Orthopedic Distributor. The pricing options include a free version for up to 10 users and two other more robust options with expanded capabilities. “We’ve added additional support people to handle the demand of our full commercial launch.” Said Jeff Claeson, Developer and CTO of “We are so amazed at the enthusiasm of our first users and can’t wait to help more people build better more sustainable distributorships.”

It’s so easy to schedule a surgery! (see short video below)



Drue is Managing Partner for The De Angelis Group.

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