Toddler who was slowly being crushed to death by his spine must wear a special cast 24/7 to straighten it


A toddler with a crooked spine must wear a special cast for 24 hours a day to prevent his lungs from being crushed.

Charlie Ferris can not even bathe while he wears the suit because water would prevent it from working properly.

The 13-month-old, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, has scoliosis – twisting of the spine – which if left untreated could kill him.

His family were told he would need to wear a plaster jacket for four months to stop the curve from becoming worse.

But after scans revealed his condition was deteriorating rapidly, his alarmed parents travelled to the US for a special cast which moulds his spine back into shape – in an attempt to save his life.

‘But I didn’t care how much it cost. We’d live in a tent if needs be to pay for the treatment and getting there. I was prepared to move.’

They first noticed Charlie’s back was twisted in October 2015 after his father Jody, 36, noticed an abnormal bend.

After an X-ray at Belfast’s Musgrave Park Hospital, he was officially diagnosed with infantile scoliosis and doctors confirmed he had a 28° curvature.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3759667/Toddler-42-degree-curve-spine-wear-body-cast-prevent-crushing-lungs-killing-him.html#ixzz4IVGjAOYb


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