LES Society to Sponsor Spine Surgeon Symposium Featuring Groundbreaking Innovations in Viscoelastic Total Disc Replacement Technology


During the 2016 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting, surgeons will gather to discuss less invasive surgery techniques and technologies for moving elective spine surgeries from hospitals to outpatient surgery centers with a focus on Axiomed LLC’s revolutionary cervical and lumbar viscoelastic total disc replacements. This discussion will compare newer spine surgery techniques to fusion.

The the Symposium will be centered around a new philosophy of less invasive surgery entitled Less Exposure Surgery (LES). Minimally invasive surgery is focused on smaller incisions. LES improves on minimally invasive surgery to achieve less tissue disruption and a faster recovery. It uses more fluoroscopy to achieve indirect visualization. Open surgery uses maximum exposure to improve ease and accuracy of the techniques.

Less exposure surgery utilizes the fundamental principles and goals of open surgery techniques but achieves the same results using smaller incisions and greater precision under direct visualization instead of relying on fluoroscopy, so there is higher degree of safety. LES surgical techniques are also more straight forward. Many companies are continuing to develop improvements to LES technology.

The LES Society has sponsored a growing body of peer reviewed and published research studies demonstrating that patients can safely undergo spine surgery using LES fusion techniques and technologies in outpatient surgery centers and go home the same day to recover rapidly. With this summer’s completion of the IDE study of the Axiomed Freedom viscoelastic lumbar total disc replacement and the completion of the European pre-clinical trial of the Freedom Cervical viscoelastic total disc replacement, surgeons will have access to spine technology that most closely emulates the human disc. This could have revolutionary effects on spine surgery, as it allows for a much less invasive technique than fusion and better, faster outcomes.

Surgeons will discuss topics such as comparing anterior cervical fusion using plates and screws, standalone cages with screws and total disc replacement. Featured speakers include neurosurgeons, Dr. Fassil Mesfin and Dr. Juan Valdivia and moderator, professor Dr. Kingsley Chin, an orthopedic surgeon and the founder of the LES Society. The event will take place on September 24, 2016, from 5:00-7:00 pm.

“The LES Society consistently provides education and training concerning Less Exposure Surgery techniques and technologies in annual meeting forums such as CNS and locally in cities via journal clubs where surgeons get to share their experiences and cases as well as network around business and innovation,” said Jessica Morgan, program director of the LES Society. “There is a growing movement towards LES and companies like SpineFrontier Inc and Axiomed Inc are pioneering the technologies with surgeon inventors who want to safely move surgeries to same day outpatient recovery centers.”

Dr. Mesfin is the director of complex spine and spine oncology and an assistant professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Valdivia specializes in reconstructive spine surgery, and is a member of the medical staff of the Baycare Medical Group in Tampa, Florida. He spent over 5 years at the University of Michigan teaching as an academic neurosurgeon.

CNS Annual Meeting attendees are invited to enjoy a wine and cheese tasting during the Symposium at the award winning San Diego restaurant, BiCE. Hor d’oeuvres will also be served at the event. To RSVP for the event or to get more information, email the LES Society program director, Jessica Morgan, at jessicamorgan(at)lessociety(dot)org.

About Less Exposure Surgery Society:

The Less Exposure Surgery Society is a non-profit organization, which aims to advance research, technology and education for minimal invasive surgery. Using smaller incisions and new technology, the surgeon exposes only the areas that need to be treated. The technique has improved recovery and outcomes for patients. The society is expanding its membership in order to provide education and networking for medical professionals globally. The LES Society is seeking experienced members in order to expand its board and administration.

Visit https://www.lessociety.org/about.html to learn more.

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