New Extremity Products are Driving Growth for Arthrosurface

FRANKLIN, Mass., Oct. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Arthrosurface® announced today that at the September 27, 2016 American Society for Podiatric Surgery (ASPS) meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, the new CheckMATE® 3.0 Fusion Plate was launched for end stage toe arthritis. One study showed that 35%-60% of the population over 65 years old has osteoarthritis of the big toe, making this a common problem. The CheckMATE® plate was designed to offer advantages over existing systems by including features to make the plate low-profile, yet strong, rigid, and faster to implant, reducing surgical time and improving patient comfort. These features may also provide cost savings to the healthcare system and other clinical benefits to the patient. Arthrosurface is advancing patient care in the extremities market with a special focus in foot and ankle applications. Using evidence based designs that reference scientific literature, combined with clinical input from expert surgeon design teams, the Arthrosurface® extremities portfolio has expanded significantly over the past several years to provide innovative options for both surgeons and patients.

The CheckMATE® 3.0 complements the Arthrosurface® forefoot portfolio allowing surgeons to address the full spectrum of forefoot arthritis. With rising costs associated with valuable operating room time, shorter procedures become increasingly important. Various speed elements were built into the plate to reduce implantation time while still maintaining a state of the art forefoot fusion surgery. The CheckMATE® 3.0 plate is designed to minimize post-operative irritation and the need for secondary surgery for hardware removal, again providing a significant cost savings to the system and a potential improvement in patient comfort.

Dr. Patrick DeHeer, surgeon pioneer for the CheckMATE® plate commented, “The goal was to design a plate that is low-profile, but strong and rigid, providing the best of both internal and external fixation. This could allow patients to bear weight on their forefoot earlier, and to minimize secondary surgery and hardware irritation. This new plate has incorporated all these elements, making it a very attractive option for surgeons who perform first MTP fusions.”

“From a design perspective, our goal is to provide surgeons with complete and innovative solutions that improve upon the standard of care for patients experiencing forefoot arthritis. We want to challenge the status quo and use insights from the clinical data and our developers to make products that are anatomic, joint preserving and quick to implant,” said Steve Ek, Founder & CEO. “Arthrosurface is focused on bringing new products to the market that may enhance patient outcomes and potentially provide better options for both surgeons and patients in the extremities market,” commented Joseph Darling, Executive Chairman at Arthrosurface, Inc.

About Arthrosurface
Arthrosurface, Inc. is a leader in the design and distribution of orthopedic devices for joint preservation, restoration and resurfacing. The HemiCAP® system is a unique, less invasive technology that can be used to treat a wide variety of joint conditions caused by trauma, injury and disease. Founded in 2002, Arthrosurface markets and distributes its products in the US and around the world.

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