Leading International Spine Surgeons Praise AxioMed Viscoelastic Disc as “Game Changer” for Spine Surgery

Leading internationally renowned surgeons and their patients have hope that AxioMed’s first-of-its-kind viscoelastic disc replacement – which acts as a cushion between the vertebrae – will give hope to millions who suffer from back and neck pain and who are looking to maintain their normal activities post spine surgery.

Surgeons and patients who have experience with the AxioMed Freedom Disc have reacted overwhelmingly positively. “I have seen some of the postoperative X-rays noting that the AxioMed disc restores height, restores normal motion, and more patients are giving testimonials on getting back their quality of life,” says AxioMed President Jake Lubinski.

Dr. Kenneth Pettine, an experienced total disc replacement spine surgeon and part of the lumbar IDE study, calls it “the best artificial lumbar disc there is.” Dr. Robert Pflugmacher, spinal surgeon from Bonn, Germany, credits ease of use and positive results to AxioMed’s success in spinal disc rankings. The disc “imitates our nature, because our natural disc is viscoelastic,” explains Professor Dr. Burkhard Rischke.

Patient testimonials are life changing. Patient Kristen Lee, personal trainer and yoga instructor, explains, “I find that having undergone the Freedom Total Disc Replacement surgery, I have been given back my life. I was able to walk the next day without pain. I am more active now than I was pre-surgery.” Marathon runner and TDR patient Robert Ramsey credits the AxioMed disc immensely, stating, “The Freedom Disc has given me my life back.” Former American Gladiator winner Robin Coleman is back to her lifestyle and enjoying riding horses again.

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin points out the mechanics of the disc’s success, outlining, “When you look at this disc with its viscoelastic properties you now have a disc that truly mimics the human disc. The bond between the viscoelastic material and the Titanium endplates are very strong and its a single piece device no moving pieces. And so now, you are able to insert this disc easily. It’s going to be reliable for longevity. It’s a one piece device that does not have a keel. So putting this disc anteriorly in the lumbar spine or cervical spine is pretty easy. The ability for us to then put it in laterally in the lumbar spine, I think will be a game changer, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

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