CrossRoads® Extremity Systems Announces Launch of the Active Stabilization™ MPJ Implant System

MEMPHIS, Tenn.May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CrossRoads® Extremity Systems, the Global Leader in Active Stabilization™, offering innovative foot & ankle fixation implant systems and services, announced that the Company has received FDA clearance for the DynaFORCE® Active Stabilization™ MPJ Implant System. CrossRoads® Extremity Systems has the only MPJ Implant system on the market that combines stability of an anatomic plate with active compression of a nitinol clip, delivered to the operating room completely sterile packed.

Scott Shawen, MD, from Charlotte, NC, one of the first users of the MPJ Active Stabilization™ system states, “CrossRoads provides a comprehensive Active Stabilization™ system that is easy to use. After more than 30 cases, I have found that the instrumentation is the most ergonomic on the market, making drilling and deployment of the compression clip and plate quick and simple.” He continued to say, “Anecdotally, my midfoot fusion times have been cut in half. Additionally, my patients have earlier initiation of weight bearing. I look forward to using DynaFORCE® Active Stabilization™ constructs on additional applications in the future.”

About CrossRoads® Extremity Systems

CrossRoads was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN. CrossRoads has experienced rapid growth through creative product development and a strong distributorship network. CrossRoads’ goal is to provide a steady rhythm of novel and clinically relevant new products that distinguish it from other companies.

In addition to providing novel products, CrossRoads strives to find ways to help hospitals save money and improve efficiency. CrossRoads believes that as customers experience the EcoSMART® model of using high quality, surgical grade instruments in sterile kits, EcoSMART® Service will become the preferred model of surgeons, O.R. staff, and materials management.

For more information, please visit www.crextremity.com or www.activestabilization.com

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Vernon Hartdegen
President & CEO of CrossRoads Extremity Systems, LLC

SOURCE CrossRoads Extremity Systems

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