Lipogems Provides Orthopaedic Patients With Another Option To Major Invasive Surgery

ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Lipogems system is leading the way in reparative medicine by providing patients another option to major, invasive surgery. With FDA clearance, strong scientific evidence and teams of scientists and physicians, the Lipogems system may help thousands currently struggling with orthopaedic conditions who have tried conservative options like physical therapy, injections and pain medications without much relief.

The Lipogems system is a medical device used to harvest, concentrate and transfer a patient’s own fat (adipose) tissue to provide cushion and support to help heal damaged or injured tissues. The quick, minimally invasive procedure is often performed right in a doctor’s office or can be added to surgery to optimize recovery. Once the local anesthetic is applied, fat tissue and cells are easily extracted from a patient’s belly or “love handles” region. The Lipogems system then cleanses the extracted tissue, resizes the fat tissue and a physician injects the micro-fragmented fat into a tissue where they feel cushioning and support of a reparative process would be helpful, like an injured knee or shoulder.

Lipogems uses micro-fragmented fat tissue because of its ability to naturally support the repair of problematic areas. Studies show that fat has the highest concentration of reparative cells compared to other similar tissue1, creates a fertile ground to assist with the healing process and because the fat is extracted from the patient’s own body, it’s some of the best cells a patient can use.

“I believe Lipogems is best in class reparative medicine technology,” said Riley Williams, MD of New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery. “I offer this system to patients who are suffering from orthopaedic issues and although Lipogems will not eliminate the need for surgery, it may reduce the need for surgery and augment healing to those who require it.”

Available in over 28 countries, Lipogems has carefully chosen highly respected orthopaedic surgeons and physicians affiliated with major academic universities and private practices to use this system.


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SOURCE Lipogems

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