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Mark Foster Appointed to CEO of Trice Medical

April 11, 2019

MALVERN, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Trice Medical announced today the appointment of Mark Foster, President of Trice Medical, to President and Chief Executive Officer, effective June 30, 2019. Foster joined Trice in 2016, serving as V.P. of Global Sales and CCO and was promoted to President in March 2018. Prior to coming to Trice, Mark served as V.P. of U.S. Business for Smith and Nephew and in several leadership roles at Boston Scientific. Current CEO, Jeffrey F. O’Donnell Sr., will be retiring but will remain active with Trice as a Strategic Advisor.

“I am thrilled to make this announcement,” said O’Donnell, “I am very proud of the whole team at Trice Medical and what we have achieved in the past six years. Mark joined Trice with a strong set of ‘big company skills’ – quickly adding value while also learning how different ‘start-ups’ are. I look forward to assisting him in his transition to his new role as the CEO of an emerging growth company.”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with both Jeff and Mark for several years,” added Gary Kurtzman, chairman of the board at Trice. “Jeff’s passion and drive have gotten us to this point. We will continue to leverage his skills and expertise as we enter the next stage of expansion and growth under Mark’s leadership.”

Trice recently announced the launch of the mi-ultra® and the acquisition of S.E.G-WAY™ Orthopedics (SegWAY). “Our mission is to build a great company that enhances quality of life,” commented Foster. “An in-office mi-eye® or mi-ultra® procedure allows the patient and surgeon to get instant, accurate information and by adding SegWAY, we now have a more diversified portfolio to treat patients with many different soft-tissue injuries, including the rapidly growing Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Market. I am looking forward to leading our team to bring even more innovative technology that brings value to patients, physicians and payers,” Foster said.

About Trice Medical:

Trice Medical was founded to fundamentally improve minimally invasive orthopedic diagnostics for the patient and physician providing instant answers. Trice Medical has pioneered fully integrated camera-enabled technology with the mi-eye 2™ and launched the world’s first Dynamic Imaging Platform combining a 15 MHz handheld ultrasound transducer with the mi-eye™ technology on one simple, portable platform. Trice Medical’s goal is to provide more immediate and definitive patient care, eliminating the false reads associated with current indirect modalities and significantly reducing the overall cost to the healthcare system. To learn more visit www.tricemedical.com.


Craig Carra, CFO

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