HD LifeSciences Announces Milestone of 1,500th Implant Used

HD LifeSciences, an innovative manufacturer of the only spinal interbody technology that offers a Soft Titanium™ structural lattice, announces the successful implant of the 1,500th cage since the formation of the company in late 2017. Surgeons around the country have complimented the technology for its design and ease of use along with its novel characteristics.

Utilizing its patented Hive™ Technology, HD LifeSciences addresses the four pillars of interbody fusion:

  • Stiffness – Soft Titanium offers a lower modulus of elasticity than PEEK, designed to reduce the risk of subsidence.
  • In-growth – Over 70% porous by volume. Hive™ interbodies are designed to allow bone to spread laterally through porous walls.
  • On-growth – Hive™ interbodies feature a proprietary surface treatment that provides a roughened exterior and an engineered oxide layer, both of which have been shown to support osteogenesis.
  • Imaging – Unparalleled radiographic imaging results from its structural lattice core and the lack of solid Titanium support features.

HD LifeSciences is proud of the development of this novel technology which features the only porous core on the market that experiences strain under normal biomechanical loads. The patented Soft Titanium™ structural lattice achieves a lower stiffness than PEEK while its unmatched durability eliminates the need for stress-shielding structures at the nose, sides and tail of the implant.

Luke Diehl, Co-Founder and CEO for HD LifeSciences says “We’re extremely proud of this milestone. Reaching 1,500 Soft Titanium implantations within 2 years of our first 510k clearance is a testament to our team’s consistent effort and focus.  Even more importantly, HD patients have done tremendously well, and Hive interbodies have proven to be durable, safe, and effective.”

About HD LifeSciences

HD Lifesciences is transforming orthopedic care with our Hive™ Soft Titanium™ technology. The Hive™ lattice design provides ideal elastic modulus, diagnostic imaging, and osteogenic properties. Founded with a mission to improve surgical methods and devices, HD LifeSciences brings together science and engineering to improve patient care.

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