WishBone Medical, Inc. Announces Rollout Plans for the First Ever Single-Use Growth Control Plating Procedure Kit for Kids in Sterile Packaging

WARSAW, Ind., Sept. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WishBone Medical is proud to introduce the first and only growth control plating system in the world, offered as a complete, single-use procedure kit in sterile packaging to treat angular limb deformities in children. With a minimally invasive technique, physicians can use WishBone’s growth control plates to redirect the growth angle of long bones, gradually correcting angular deformities in pediatric patients with open physis.

“Our growth control plating system will help surgeons FIX kids who are bow-legged or knocked-kneed,” explains WishBone’s Founder and CEO, Nick Deeter. “This minimally invasive surgery is crucial to helping children properly align their limbs so that later in life, they might be able to avoid a total hip or knee joint procedure. The savings to the healthcare system are enormous when pediatric patients receive proper treatment while they’re still growing and growth plates are open.”

After receiving FDA clearance in June, WishBone Medical is preparing to ship its growth control plating system to beta sites at the end of September, followed by a full global launch November 1st. By employing a business model centered on single-use, sterile packaging, the company is able to keep price points low – significantly lower than that of reusable “case and tray” configurations.

“One of our first priorities since the start of WishBone was a growth control plate – it’s a fundamental solution we knew surgeons needed,” adds Reese Myers, VP of Product Development, WishBone Medical. “We explored a few approaches to create our system but ultimately, purchased and used Response Ortho’s EpiFIX design as a springboard to develop the ultimate growth control plating system with all necessary components, brand new and ready to use, in one sterile-packed kit.”

Deliberate affordability coupled with the logistical advantages of single-use, sterile packaging will make growth control solutions more accessible than ever; not only will WishBone’s original kits be supplied to surgeons in children’s hospitals, but to those in virtually all surgical settings around the world, with immediate shipment.

“For too long, it has been a challenge to get [reusable] growth control plates and instruments to our facilities when we need them. When your supplier’s inventory is limited, regional hospitals are not at the top of their priority list, and it can take weeks – even months – to receive product. WishBone’s single-use, sterile packed kits will eliminate this industry pain point, and I look forward to taking full advantage of these solutions at Fort Wayne Surgery Center, LLC. The better equipped my team is, the better we can serve our patients.”

– Robert Jackson, DO
Summit Pain Management

With the launch of another “first of its kind” product solution, WishBone Medical continues to raise standards for pediatric orthopedic solutions to help save and positively impact the lives of children around the world.

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About WishBone Medical, Inc.
WishBone Medical is a global pediatric orthopedic company, committed to providing anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single-use disposable kits, to prevent infection, reduce overall costs for our customers and achieve the best outcomes for children around the world who are still growing.  Through recent acquisitions, WishBone Medical now offers 42 pediatric orthopedic product systems with operations in Warsaw, IN, Istanbul, Turkey, and Singapore.

For more information, visit or call Kaitlyn Hughes, Director of Marketing & Communications, at 574-306-4006.

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