Precision OS Technology Expands into the USA

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 12, 2019—Precision OS Technology announced today it has opened a second office in Seattle, Washington, allowing it to further its reach in the U.S. market. The new office is located at the Holyoke Building at 107 Spring Street.

“Seattle is one of the leading tech hubs on the West Coast and seemed to be the natural fit for our company. We feel fortunate to be able to provide the same service to all our industry and institutional partners while existing locally in the USA,” said Dr. Danny Goel, Orthopedic Surgeon, Co-Founder and CEO of Precision OS.

Precision OS is a software company that offers the highest physical and psychological fidelity virtual reality training platform for orthopedic surgeons. It allows them to practice contextual surgical procedures with unparalleled immersion, real-time metrics and feedback.

The field of orthopedics is considered one of the more cutting-edge in the medical profession. It involves both surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat injuries and diseases of the body’s musculoskeletal system. The traditional path and training model for mastering new orthopedic techniques and surgical procedures has not changed in centuries and is further challenged by conventional residency/surgical education models.

The company’s research suggests surgical residents today want to learn via digital technologies like virtual reality. Program directors and examining boards agree that residency programs in the U.S. and Canada are lagging behind in providing advanced and impactful educational modalities.

With its move to Seattle, Precision OS hopes to build relationships within the local community and tap into the city’s tech and sales hub, which houses many innovators in the immersive Virtual Reality realm. It also remains close to its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About Precision OS

Precision OS was founded by a team of clinical orthopedic surgeons and game developers to create the most relevant and applicable medical-grade-VR-simulation™ experience. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia and backed by the prestigious AO Foundation, the company’s mission is to provide first-in-class orthopedic surgical training on a global scale. Given its focus on surgical education, Precision OS is not only a CME provider through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, but has also established partnerships with 10 North American orthopedic residency programs and medical institutions. The company’s scientifically validated product has been tested among its end users and customers resulting in business relationships with some of the top orthopedic companies in the industry.


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