HT Medical Expands Ti3D Porous Titanium Cervical and Lumbar Portfolio


HT Medical today announced a significant development of its technology driven portfolio of 3D porous titanium spinal implants with the expansion of its proprietary Ti3D® spinal interbody cages. Through this launch, HT increases it’s Ti3D implant offerings while more than tripling the number of cervical and lumbar instrumentation sets available for surgical use.

The additional Ti3D cervical cages are available in two profiles: anatomic or flat; four footprints: 13×12, 15×12, 17×13, 19x14mm; and 0, 7 or 14° of lordosis; creating the most comprehensive 3D cervical interbody selection on the market. The expanded Ti3D lumbar interbody cage offering for both PLIF and TLIF adds five additional footprints: 20, 22, 25, 28, 30mm length, featuring a biconvex shape with oblique lordosis of 0, 8 or 15°.

These all-inclusive systems will provide surgeons with significantly more surgical choices to better conform to patient anatomy and will accelerate the number of implanted devices beyond the 600-implant milestone the company recently surpassed.

Surface Enhanced, Structurally Advanced™

Ti3D technology features a fully connected, open architecture that is structurally sound without the need for solid members or framework found in standard 3D printed “porous” cages. The lack of solid framework significantly reduces the device stiffness and expands the graft area without compromising strength.

Structural waveform architecture deflects the load through internal wave-shaped members contributing to an ideal stiffness profile, while providing an enhanced interconnected graft matrix for bony integration. Testing has shown the patented Ti3D Snowshoe Technology™ cephalad/caudal porosity enables cages to have 29% greater bone graft surface area, while lowering displacement (subsidence) by 31% at maximum loads, compared to a PEEK interbody of identical footprint.

Proprietary manufacturing and post processing methods contribute to the favorable surface topography of the Ti3D matrix; supporting rapid cellular attachment and proliferation which may increase osseointegration.

For more information or to see the full line of Ti3D devices, call 888.594.8633 or email ti3d@htmedicalusa.com

About HT Medical

HT Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality surgical implants at the forefront of emerging and differentiated technologies. HT Medical’s Ti3D technology features a proprietary structure and surface optimization process, utilizing a unique interconnected framework that contributes to favorable device stiffness comparable to PEEK and cortical bone, with ideal surface topography to maximize cellular response and osseointegration.

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